If you want an order made curtain, please trust to Le Dauphin in JIYUGAOKA. Contact us, first.03-5701-6321

If you want an order made curtain,
please trust to Le Dauphin in JIYUGAOKA.

Our concept is
「Start from the curtain, which is a store making over」
  1. We choice the fabric and interior element main in Europe and U.S.A.
  2. We will do the totaling suggestion added to the budget of the customer.
    (We may not for answer the budget on the phone or mail. )
  3. Selection and a processing method of a sewing factory are adding and are sewing an arrangement every fabric and style.
  4. 1 person in charge will correspond until coordination, measurement, processing directions and installation delivery.The order which goes into details is possible.
  5. There is an interior space.We will promise the suggestion with high percentage of completion to the total until floor, wall, light, furniture and equipment.
  6. We also have the maintenance system to laundry of a curtain and remaking, repairing of furniture and reupholstering.

If you are considering of the order curtain or making over the room, please visit us.

Hi, we are the curtain shop Le dauphin in JIYUGAOKA. We are the special store for an order of curtain and interior making over. We can order, repairing of the curtain which holdings. And also can making over in housing. We establish a showroom and have an interior coordinator in the shop too. We can respond to the customer's every needs,
so please inquire any time.

We go ahead for the housing concierge.

When having change a space of living for having a new residence or our life style is changing. We are thinking of interior when living a new life. Will the family like the interior or not. Easy to use and pleasant layout and color usage. How to choice the furniture? Want fashionable and trending space when the space is coordinated.
Even the shop, we can visit your home and bring the sample to coordinate, fitting, measurement, delivery. Also, we have the service to receipt the old curtain that we had changed and lend out a temporary curtain until a new one is done.

We like to respond the needs in JIYUGAOKA(SETAGAYA/MEGURO)

With passage in time, there are many places need to maintenance. For example, when you want to change the size and style, or like to launder of the curtain, but worry about to remove. The closet’s door is didn’t working well. The water equipment is getting dirty and is difficult to fall.
Please come to the shop and consultation with us. Contact to the showroom in JIYUGAOKA, we can correspondence every things. We have a professional for laundry, remake, readjustment and coordination.

We will make your imagination a reality.

The price only we can promise, to make the curtain for valuable.

The valuable curtain for direct import is to feel the real on skin and sympathizes with thinking. To make your thoughts a reality, we are research always.

Make your imagination a reality.

To make the curtain just as image, it is must to be fitting. If the sewing style, size and position are not correct, even how expensive the curtain is, there are not in the room smartly. That’s why we let consultation, measuring, sewing, and delivery for one man to takes responsibility.

The fabrics in order curtain from Europe.

We have the new trend fabrics from oversea maker. The fabrics which made from natural fiber in cotton, silk, linen are good for human. The color is full of design. Cost merit of cause, also we are always trying for intelligence of the one rank up. Please come and talk to us.

We are the curtain shop for 20 years history in JIYUGAOKA.

We have a full of experience of construction in SETAGAYA, MEGUKO, JIYUGAOKA area. Please come to our showroom.

A window treatment made from the professional adviser.

We have “Window treatment planer” and “Interior coordinator” to support you. There are not only for advise, also can help you bring the curtain into your house, fitting it and make sure which one is smartly in the room by yourself before buying the curtain.


Guidance of the business area

Our business areas are including Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama. We also have the delivery results to the distant place too. Please counsel us by the call or the mail.

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